About Us

Pure Health Alkaline Water™ is a leading manufacturer of alkaline drinking water, with a 9.5 pH balance. They have set up an advanced electrolysis beverage process that enhances its product and produces water high in alkalinity. The company is focused on the business of supplying and promoting their cost-effective packaged water products. PURE HEALTH ALKALINE WATER currently finds itself amid a market expansion program to make alkaline water even more available for a healthier society.

Our Mission

Pure Health Alkaline Water™ is dedicated to producing pure and healthy water in a fully automatic way and at an affordable price for all. We seek to expand not only nationwide but internationally in the manufacture and distribution of our products as well as increasing our sales and deliveries all while helping our clients obtain better health.

Our Vision

Pure Health Alkaline Water™, our mission is customer education, reasonable prices, and customer satisfaction. We are also dedicated to promoting health as well as supplying the highest quality alkaline water with innovative technology. We aim to make alkaline water so accessible that everyone can afford to drink and buy it.

About The Company

On October 3, 2013, Pure Health Alkaline Water™ was founded with a burning desire to find and create a better way of providing alkaline water while making an impact. It all started with a plant in Hallandale Beach, Florida. This location accommodates an office for sales and customer services as well as operations for manufacturing and production. Our alkaline water is processed, packaged, and distributed within our facility. The highest standards are always maintained in every task to ensure the quality Pure Health Alkaline Water™ is known for.

A new chapter began in July 2020. This is where Mr. Lerigymps Elveus comes into the scene. The owner could no longer continue with the business and where others saw only a deal, Mr. Elveus saw an opportunity to buy a business full of potential. After dealing with kidney failure and experiencing the health benefits of alkaline water back in 2015, Mr. Elveus was already familiar with the subject and wanted to start helping people obtain the benefits as well as the possibility to sell and distribute. Since then, he has been helping, selling, and learning the business.

However, the time has come to fully launch and rebrand in order to continue the vision that Pure Health Alkaline Water™ was founded upon. And the future seems brighter, as we will be opening a new location in Ocala, FL within 6 months, which will help us produce even more alkaline water, expand our reach, and increase export sales.

Pure Health Alkaline Water™ is all about making life successful. Each day, we have clients walking through the door sharing the good that our water products are doing. Satisfied clients share their testimonials with their family and friends, who then become our clients as well, increasing our number of sales. Our products can also be found on the shelves of mom-and-pop stores.

For Mr. Elveus, one of the greatest ventures is creating something from nothing and building it to something great and being financially successful doing so.
We are told we have MAGICAL WATER….
This just confirms that we are in the right place and must be doing something right. This is priceless!